Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Spaghetti eating contest

Gavin has finally started learning to chew! Our doctor kept telling us he might need Occupational Therapy to learn to eat solid foods (other than pureed). Say what?? Yes, OT to learn to chew. No thank you.
So far, he is eating saltine crackers, cheerios, banana, avocado, and spaghetti! He drinks from a sippee cup and he REALLY likes drinking from a straw.
Gavin feeding mommy spaghetti.

I like noodles...
Eating spaghetti with dada.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day weekend

***Update...I added a few more pictures that I forgot about earlier (at the end of this post).
My parents came to visit this weekend and we went to the beach! My dad and Jason rented a surf board and caught some waves. Gavin of course loved the water and the if baby has fun, then mommy has fun.
My parents left Sunday morning and Jason took care of Gavin all day, washed FOUR loads of laundry, took care of lunch and dinner, and cleaned the kitchen! I got to watch a movie and take a two hour nap and it was great!!! Here are some pictures courtesy of my mom.

Pop and Gavin surfing!

Jason and Gavin crawling off in the sunset... I love this picture!!!
He belly laughed when the waves would crash into him. I'm glad he's not afraid of the ocean since we'll be spending lots of time there this summer:-)
That's all for now, my sleepless baby is crying in his crib...
**Updated pics**
I had to take a picture of my first Mother's Day cake! Did I let my baby have cake, you ask?? no way.

I was trying snap a few quick shots of Gav for my Mother's Day cards and he would not cooperate. I finally got a good one...but these are the not so good ones. Still a handsome little devil!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Water baby

As you can see, Gavin is now the proud owner of a $9.99 Target blow-up baby pool. He splashed and splashed until he couldn't splash anymore.

The water was a little cold. But kids don't care, do they?
Look, do you see my pool? I'll point to it in case you are confused.

Yes, that is a pickle. I know, it's probably not very good for him. I'll give him almost anything to keep him occupied while Jason and I try to eat dinner. He is not really eating it- just gnawing...I think it feels good to his gums. Or teeth! Have I mentioned that my roly poly has TWO teeth!?!
My breath smells good.