Saturday, June 6, 2009

1st Birthday!!

Gavin is one year old!!!!

As you can see, Gavin enjoyed his cake...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hair did

Today was kind of a sad day for me...Gavin got his first hair cut!!! I almost cried! But Gavin did enough crying for the both of us. He FOR SURE no longer looks like a baby.

Here is the before picture. Everything is fine. He has Baby Einstein playing in front of him. He is sitting in a really cool boat with a steering wheel. The ladies are blowing bubbles and giving him lollypops.

The baby mullet before.

Bubbles...not crying yet.
Poor baby! I had to capture his first haircut in a photo with snot and all.

After. He still does not have hair on the sides. So it may look a little crooked here, but he still has a few baby bald spots!

The mullet is gone and you can see his cute little neck! (and my office is total disaster in the background)
Gavin's 1st birthday is Saturday!!! Jason's sister and husband are flying here from Atlanta to help us celebrate. And then we're leaving on the 13th and we'll be in AL for two weeks!