Saturday, November 21, 2009

A posting

It's been a while. Sorry! Since my last post Jason was promoted to District Manager of North Florida! I am extremely proud of him and he is doing a wonderful job. The only downside for us is that he travels A LOT now. So that is one reason I have not had time to update this thing...
I will try to fill you in (with pictures) on what has been going on here in FL since October.
The pumpkin patch was a hit. Gavin loved all the pumpkins.

Gavin was a lion for Halloween! He was too cute in this outfit. It was so hot here he didn't last long in the costume.Gavin and Noah, the ninja trick-or-treating!Noah, Ashley and Gavin playing in their costumes.
Gavin and Ashley playing kissy face. So cute!
Gavin and I traveled back to AL for over a week! We stopped and visited the Bowman family in Valdosta. Tanner is adorable...and very large!
I was able to twirl at the alumni game this year and here is Gavin and dad (Pop) watching.Amber and I got to hang out and catch up!Amber, me, Lynn and Gia

We went to the Museum of Science and History (MOSH) with our friends last weekend. The boys had a blast. In this picture they are listening to a cow burp and pass gas...and of course they loved it.

Sarah and I at Mosh (and baby Silas too!)

Gavin trying to escape my grip at the fountain.
Sweet baby G downtown Jax.

Jason and Gavin in their Pink Floyd shirts.

More pics later!