Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

This weekend my parents came to visit! Gavin had fun playing with his Grandma and Pop all weekend. Gavin can say "pop" but for some reason he sucks in air when he says's pretty funny if you could hear him. We mostly hung out around the house and my parents helped us do a lot of yard work. My mom planted a few things in my flower pots (for me to kill- just kidding) and they babysat for Gavin Sunday night! Jason and I actually went out on a full out date to celebrate our four year wedding anniversary that was August 27th. Anyway, on with the pictures...

Gavin and my dad swinging at a restaurant we went to on Monday.

Gavin trying to steal the pirates beads.

Playing "bam bam" on a glass table. Nice.

Me, Gavin and Grandma and Pop. I think dad has his eyes closed :-)

Mom, Dad and Gav.

Jason and I posing at the AIA Brewery in downtown St. Augustine. Our baby-free date!
I forgot to mention that before we ate, we went to a winery to do a tour. We got there too late but they let us sample all of the wines. Before they would start our table Jason and I were carded! I glad we still look like young spring chickens. ha!

After dinner we saw the Golden Dragon Acrobats at the St. Augustine Amphitheater.

And we ended the night at the Tini Martini Bar in downtown St. Augustine. We had lots of fun and we are very grateful to my parents for babysitting!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Gavin has been a busy boy hanging out with his buddies lately. Almost every morning we are at the pool, or Tumbles (his toddler gym class), or a friend's house... He is having a blast hanging out with other tots his age. The picture below is Gavin with Noah and Jack. These three guys are hilarious together...tackling, sharing snacks, throwing fits:-)
This is Gavin at the beach surfing on the sand.
There is an inside playground at one of the malls here in Jacksonville. This is from a playdate with Ashley at the mall.
Gavin and Noah sharing a wagon ride at the beach. They were so funny because they didn't want their sandy feet to touch one another.
This is what always happens at the beach. Gavin totally wears himself out and naps in the tent.
A friend from high school (and my mom's best friend's daughter), Perri and her husband (who plays for the Suns) gave us tickets for one of the last home games. We went with three other couples who have kids Gavin's age and they had a great time running around.

Gavin, Jack and Noah at the baseball game...more interested in the parking lot below.
Gavin really thinks he is so cool when he wears his sunglasses. He will keep them on and push them back on his face if they fall off!