Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Day was a few days ago but I thought you should know about my big date with my hubby. First of all, my parents came to visit and kept Gavin OVERNIGHT!!! I know it doesn't sound like a big deal...but I have never left Gav before for an entire night. Of course he did great and my folks said they had lots of fun. Thanks, Grandma and Pop! It almost seemed too easy. I'm ready for another night away!!!
Anywho, my surprise for Jason was a tour of the Anheuser Busch brewery. I think there are only four or five breweries in the US that provide tours and Jacksonville is one of them. It was pretty cool...we were able to see how and where the beer is brewed and bottled. The pics are kind of backwards. At the end of the tour we went into the 36 degree room where the finishing tanks are and sampled the beer before it is bottled and pasteurized. It tasted pretty dang good if you like beer.
These are the finishing tanks.

We had to wear this hat along with ear plugs and safety goggles. This is the room where they keep the hops...kind of stinky.

Jason could have fit two more people in his glasses.

Labeling the beer

Empty cans Boxing the beer.
So, if you are ever in Jacksonville and have a free afternoon I would recommend touring the plant.
After the tour, we went to eat at a nice restaurant called Orsay, went to McDonald's for a fancy dessert (ha!), and then stayed at the Hyatt Regency hotel downtown on the river. Needless to say it was a much needed getaway for us. Yay!