Thursday, January 28, 2010

Farley Family Fun

How cute is this munchkin? Notice the orange candle next to baby Gav... Lately he is obsessed with smelling candles. If he spots one in the house we have to run up to the candle and stick our nose as close as possible and sniff with force and say "mmmmm, smells sooooo good".
We were stuck at home this morning so we decided to play with some home-made slime. A little cornstarch and water along with a plastic table cloth with entertain a tot for at least 45 minutes.

Licking peanut butter from a spoon and sliding Cheerios back and forth across the table are also activities we enjoy. More pics later.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

So, I have not updated in a while... I don't even know where to start. December was busy. We all three got sick during Christmas at Jason's parents' house in Cullman. We missed all the family "get togethers" on both sides. Sorry, everyone!!! I didn't take any pictures during Christmas for this reason. Jason had two weeks of much needed vacation and we so enjoyed having him home for longer than a weekend!
Because this bloggy is for Gav, I'll let you know what he has been up to. His days are full of fun activities! Here is a typical day for the King Farley.
Tumbles class in the morning, then ma-ma has coffee with friends while Gavin runs circles aroung me screaming, then go home and eat lunch, play outside, nap, snack, walk to park and play, dinner, play outside, bath, books, bed. What a hard life for a 19 month old.
He is talking quite a bit. The only problem is I am the only one who can understand him. Let me translate for you.
Ba ba - Water
Roros - Cheerios
Tsesis - Raisins
Zoos - Shoes
Tuh tuh - Truck
Eh - Egg
Muh - Moon
Hotah - Hot

Anyways, on with the pictures. This is how we roll...on our John Deer tractor.

He loves to water the weeds.

We wear mismatched socks in our house. It is the coolest.
Oh, and no pants.

Look at all of my teeth!!!