Monday, November 24, 2008

Sick baby

Poor Gavin is sick! He woke up last Wednesday night coughing and crying. :( I took him to the doctor on Thursday to find out he just has a cold...but today is Monday and he still does not seem better. His poor little eyes are so red and his nose just runs all day long. He does not have a fever for the first time today so maybe that's a good sign. I'll be really upset if we don't get to go home for Thanksgiving!
On a lighter note, he plays and laughs all day long! He loves to be tickled! He is 5 months and two weeks old and he wears 9 month clothing. He is huge for his age. Jason and I took him to the mall a few days ago to find a toboggan...we had to buy a toddler size hat because his head is so big! But he is so cute! Playing with my toys!
Do you like my hair? Sucking my thumb...and wearing daddy's toboggan. I love to play with tuperware!

Friday, November 14, 2008

A few pics

I'm so bad at updating..sorry! Here are a few pictures of Gavin. I'll try to add more this weekend.