Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A picture update

It seems like yesterday we brought home this tiny little bundle... ...but that was 9 and half months ago!! Now he's ripping apart everything he can find and making his way across every room (backwards).

He has his own little box of kleenex he likes to destroy. He thinks it's pretty funny too.

His Grandma (my mom) bought some bubbles while she was here. He LOVES them! They were a little confusing at first because he could not grab them.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A little organization

This past weekend my parents came back to spend a little more time with their favorite (and only ;)) grandson. My mom stayed a few extra days because she has spring break this week. It was WONDERFUL having her here! A little help during the day every now and then is so nice. I should say a lotta help! She organized my overflowing guest room closet, the hideously unfolded towels in my linen closet, the "where the heck are our important papers" office closet, AND my pantry which looked full until everything was nicely tucked away into place. The woman can organize. If you have a hopeless closet or room, just call Cindy and she'll work her magic (for a nominal fee). :-)
Other than organizing, Gavin had so much fun with his Grandma. After a day or so he didn't have to stare at her for an hour before letting her play with him or pick him up. She took a ton of cute pictures that I'll share later...or when she loads them, haha.
Gavin is having a "whine fest" today! I think it's because of his teeth. I wish he could tell me what is wrong so I could help him be happy! He still likes to party in the middle of the night so I'm sure being sleepy does not help his swollen little gums. His new favorite game is opening and closing his dresser drawers...I don't know why he gets such a kick out of sliding them back and forth but it is hilarious. I wish I were that easily amused.
Here are a few pictures from last week that are too cute not to share!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A few pictures

Playing with Mommy before bathtime.

Happy in the jumparoo.

Enjoying some prunes at the Mexican restaurant. Yummm!

Look at me riding in my new carseat!

Not too happy about cheering for Mommy in the cold.

I'm really disgusted with this situation.

Playing with dada in the front yard.

Taking a sweet little nap.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I know, long time no post...I do have a few a excuses like, Gavin has been running a fever, computer has a virus, my house is a mess... Anyway, I don't have any pictures at the moment. I'm too scared to upload them to this computer right now because it might get sick again.
Not much has happened lately. Gavin is nine months old and wearing 18 month clothing :) We go to the park at least 4 or 5 times a week because he LOVES to swing. When it's time to go he pitches a huge screaming fit! I thought that didn't start until later...? He is still saying "nanana, mamama, dadadada, baababa, lalalala". And sometimes he speaks a language that sounds a lot like Chinese! His nine month appt was last Friday and he screamed the whole time. He does not want to be touched by anyone he doesn't know. The doctor said that was normal so I guess it's fine. I'll try to post some pictures today or tomorrow...I really don't like writing on here even though it IS a blog.