Thursday, July 29, 2010

Who wants lemonade?

Today I had my 14 week appt. and everything looks great. My belly is as big as I was 20 weeks preggo with Gavin. Ew.
I usually leave Gav with a friend when I go to the doctor because it's just easier to be by myself and avoid maneuvering his stroller through the waiting room, bathroom, nurses station and then the tiny patient rooms. But today I brought him with me because my appointment was so early in the morning.

Not so random side note: this is a cup of lemonade. Or as Gavin calls it "mlyummlyum" or something like that. He LOVES lemonade. I only let him have it if we are outside and he is being good. He knows that when he gets lemonade it is a very special treat.
Well, when you are pregnant you have to pee in cup for every appointment. So of course I have to take the boy with me to the bathroom. When I'm finished I set the clear cup of urine on the counter so I can wash my hands. Gav starts SCREAMING "lemonade" in his language and lunging for the pee cup. I say, "No, honey, that is not lemonade. Remember? Mommy just went pee pee in that cup. We do not drink it." Luckily he was not in arm's reach. :) Gross.
I was laughing pretty hard. It took him a while to get over it.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


In case you were is VERY hot in Florida. So we spend our days at the beach or the pool or hanging out inside playing with all of our new birthday toys. Please ignore my "mom suit".
Would you like some sand?

He loves to say "CHEESE" for the camera. But coming from Gav it sounds more like "CHUUUUH"!

Very happy about eating goldfish from the bag.

Aunt Summer came to visit! I wish she would move here. :)

Gav and Jason hanging out at Jason's Deli. We love the free ice cream!
And our latest news is that this little flying monkey is going to be a big brother!
Baby number 2 is on the way! We are due January 27th so I am 3 months along. I've been extremely tired and nauseous but have felt much better this past week. I'm not so sure Gavin really understands what is going on but he certainly will soon. We are thrilled!
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Last weekend I took my annual trip with my high school buddies to Chicago! One of my friend's, Amy, lives there and she showed us around town from a local's point of view. We had a great time seeing the city, visiting festivals and eating out.

Trip home

A few weeks after Gavin's birthday we went to Opelika for over a week! I think that is the longest Gav has been away from home. He decided that the pack in play was not the place to sleep so we experimented with sleeping on a twin mattress. He is still in his crib at home and I hope he stays in it until he's 5! Just kidding...but getting this 2 year old to sleep in an actual bed is dang close to impossible. Any suggestions are welcome.
Anywho, Gavin had the time of his life playing with my buff brother in this cooler (Yes, that is Will). Who needs a pool?
He had such a blast at Gigi and Pop's house that maybe he should spend a week or two there by himself next summer!

Also during the trip to Alabama, I was honored to be a bridesmaid in April's (friend from college) wedding. What a beautiful bride! It was a fun weekend and my parents kept Gavin alone Friday night.

Another post is coming shortly....make sure you read about Gavin's birthday party below!

Birthday Boy

Oh this poor neglected blog... I will attempt to catch you up on what is going on in the Farley household. First, Gavin is 2! His birthday was June 6th and we had a small birthday party at our community pool. Both sets of grandparents came along with Aunt Mary Lou, Aunt Leann and Uncle Larry. Thanks everyone for driving down! Gavin really enjoyed his cake and presents. All of his little friends came to the party and everyone BUT the birthday boy had fun swimming in the pool. Gavin spent the entire party feeding the fish in the pond and playing with ice in the cooler. It was his party, right?

He was so excited about his train cake!

We had "train hats", bandanas and train whistles as party favors. Pop really liked the hats! :)
The boy got a bubble machine from Gigi (my mom) and we have to turn it on every single time we step outside.
Handsome birthday boy.

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