Thursday, July 29, 2010

Who wants lemonade?

Today I had my 14 week appt. and everything looks great. My belly is as big as I was 20 weeks preggo with Gavin. Ew.
I usually leave Gav with a friend when I go to the doctor because it's just easier to be by myself and avoid maneuvering his stroller through the waiting room, bathroom, nurses station and then the tiny patient rooms. But today I brought him with me because my appointment was so early in the morning.

Not so random side note: this is a cup of lemonade. Or as Gavin calls it "mlyummlyum" or something like that. He LOVES lemonade. I only let him have it if we are outside and he is being good. He knows that when he gets lemonade it is a very special treat.
Well, when you are pregnant you have to pee in cup for every appointment. So of course I have to take the boy with me to the bathroom. When I'm finished I set the clear cup of urine on the counter so I can wash my hands. Gav starts SCREAMING "lemonade" in his language and lunging for the pee cup. I say, "No, honey, that is not lemonade. Remember? Mommy just went pee pee in that cup. We do not drink it." Luckily he was not in arm's reach. :) Gross.
I was laughing pretty hard. It took him a while to get over it.

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Lori King said...

Crystal I am so excited for you and Jason and little Gav! Yay so exciting. Post some baby bump pics. How far apart are you and Sarah?